What We Do

MAI services are efficient and cost effective because we operate using a virtual business model. Our core group of experts in Atlanta, Georgia and Halifax, Nova Scotia scope your project requirements and then assemble a global project team to match your needs rather than forcing you to work within a fixed model. We can construct project teams by location, industry, function, and technology on an as-needed basis. This approach saves you time and money while giving you access to the very best resources. Since 1997 MAI has successfully developed and used this model, drawing from its network of experts around the world.

We offer a range of cost-effective international trade, investment, and enterprise development services designed for regions and companies to reach their economic and corporate growth goals. Clients may select services from six practice areas to meet specific needs. MAI works closely and at the executive level with clients seeking to penetrate United States, Canadian, European, Pacific, and selected developing markets. Core services include:

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Enterprise Development

Do you face challenges as a small or medium enterprise trying to grow through international trade & investment?

Our experts work side-by-side with you.

Studies & Strategies

Can you see your blind spots?  Do you know your market position?

Our global team will help you through research,strategic planning & implementation.

Finance Mobilization

What type of financing is important for you to reach the next level? Do you have the relationships to secure potential funding?

We’ll help you mobilize.

FDI Attraction

Does your community need more & better foreign direct investment to reach economic development goals?

We’ll research, qualify, and secure it.

B2B Market Missions

As you enter new or expand existing markets, have you met with qualified, potential joint venture or R&D partners?

We’ll connect you.


Need to strengthen global trade & investment knowledge & skills?

Our subject matter experts will customize learning activities to your needs.